Iron Man 2011

Annual Picnic and Iron Man event

On a beautiful July day, PVR hosted their annual Picnic and Iron Man event at Tomahawk MX Park in West Virginia. As usual, PVR VP, Bill Matthews lined up a caterer who provided an outstanding spread of Bar-b-que and all the fixins.

The highlight of the day was the PVR Iron Man event, which pitted riders from all the disciplines to participate in 4 events, Motocross, Cross-Country, Trials and Flattrack…all on the same bike! Many riders struggled with bike choice when preparing for this event. Vintage or PV? 2 stroke or 4? Hey, there were even a couple of semi-sandbaggers who entered on bikes that were semi-legal for the event. PVR let them ride anyway with the potential of future penalty points. There were several Honda XRs, Can-Ams, Yamaha ITs, couple of Huskies, a KTM, a couple of CZs and a restored Bultaco El Montadero….man, it was cool!

The day kicked off with the Flattrack and it was a hoot watching several knobby tired, off-road bikes banging bars and sliding around the slippery flattrack corners. Bill Boram and Nick Taylor, two of PVR’s former Dirttrack Pros’s were blazing fast as were Bob and Chris Siegel. The second event was the Cross-country and after a relaxed sight lap, the flag flew for the dead engine start and the pack headed to the woods. Fred Guidi, on the ex-works 1983 Husky WR , rode well but soil and tree samples were his undoing in this event. In fact, there were quite a few crashes as the pace really picked up with the Cross-Country guys getting comfortable in their own event. Trials was up next as PVR President, Rae Tyson and Trialsmaster, Buz Brunig laid out 4 challenging sections that had all riders scratching their heads trying to get anything less than 5s! Finally, the motocross got underway with what looked like a full gate. There was a hot-shot kid on a tricked out KTM 105 that snuck out and holeshot the moto. After getting passed by several “Old guys” on old bikes, the kid pulled off and went back to his trailer shaking his head. Dave Kutskel on a Yamaha IT was fast and smooth as was Bill Matthews until he caught a rut and augured West Virginia’s finest. Chris Siegel was styling in his Fox retro gear.

Highlights of the day were the consistent riding of Peter Tyson, Fred Kunkel, Luke Loy and others. After 28 years of not riding a dirt bike, new member, Gerald Hubbard showed up on a restored Bultaco that his wife gave him for his 50th birthday and rode all 4 events. In fact, he kickstarted and finished all the events on a Bultaco no ether, no push starts, no breakdowns…a legend is born!

The top 5 riders for the day, Bill Boram, Trey Allison, Chris Siegel, Dave Kutskel and Mark Williams were treated to a Vintage knowledge “shoot-out” to determine the winners for the day. Huge trophies were donated by Joe Rush and custom engraved plaques made by Nick Taylor that really made the day at the awards presentation. Hey, there was even a “worst performer” award of a new tire, donated by Buzz Sharra that was given to Tommy Grimmel (to be fair, Tommy C had bike problems all day). The final award was a dubious one as no one likes to win this but Bill Matthews got a real nice “Lawn dart” award, courtesy of Jim Beam.

Every rider there said it was a great event and tons of fun! If you did not make it, there is always next year so make your plans now…the PVR Iron Man!