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2016 Schedule:


2016 North Atlantic Region Cross Country series

– April 10th Rocket Raceway, Three Springs PA

– April 23th Irish Valley, Elysburg, Pa

– May 7th Reynlow Park , Reynoldsville PA

– May 22nd Wild Ride, Osceola Mills PA

– June 26th Harmony Grove, Wellsville PA

– August 27 & 28th Coyote Run, Ebensburg, PA (could change to Aug 20th & 21st)

– September 18th Candytown, Elizabethtown, PA

– October 2nd Stone Hollow, Davidsville, PA

– October 16th Johnny B classic, New Windsor, MD

Best 6 finishes to qualify for year end awards.

Dave Kutskel

2016 CC Schedule-AHRMA-NA

Getting started in vintage Cross Country

Do you have an old bike from the 70’s or 80’s sitting in the corner of your garage, shed, barn or basement? Dust her off, tune her up and come ride with us. For those that are not familiar with us, we have a 10 race vintage and Post vintage cross country series. Vintage is for bikes built before 1975 and Post Vintage is for bikes built from 1975 – 1994. There are age classes for 50+, 60+ and 70+ and displacement classes that run from 200 and under to open class. There are further sub categories in the PV classes broken down by year. Historic 1975 – 1977, PV 1978 – 1984 (Non disk brake), PV modern 1983 – 1987 (Front disk only) and Pre Modern 1985 – 1994 (front and rear disk brakes) So, if you have a bike that falls into the above date ranges, we have a class for you to ride in. All races have classes that include Expert, Intermediate and Novice so be not afraid. Tracks are usually 3.5 – 4.5 miles long and offer a wide range of trail conditions from single track, grass track and fire roads. All races are 1 hour plus a lap on the leader. Vintage races normally start in the morning followed by the Post Vintage race 45 minutes after the end of the Vintage race.
It’s not just about the racing however, we have a great bunch of riders that treat each other like family. Race days are laid back with a low keyed atmosphere yet offer competitive racing. You can meet riders from PA,NJ,DEL,VA,OH,MD,WV & NY. Heck we even have a guy that drops in from time to time from Alaska when he is down this way. Just because we ride old bikes, does not mean the younger crowd is not welcome. It’s still just as fun to ride a thirty year old bike even when you are barely 30 years old yourself.
So maybe you are an Ex racer thinking of coming out of retirement or a current hot shoe, you can still find a bike and be competitive for relatively low cost compared to racing modern bikes. Even the gate fees and entry fees are low. So if you have an older bike, (or you know where to get one) bring it out and race it, trail ride it or just spend the day reliving the past. Spectators are more than welcome. Ride em, don’t hide them!
You can find our complete schedule in the Potomac Vintage Riders web site, AHRMA North Atlantic’s web site or look us up on our facebook page at vintageharescramble. We have been promoting vintage hare scrambles in our region for over 10 years and have seen great growth in our series. Please feel free to give me a call at 814-421-1140 with any questions.

Dave Kutskel
Hope to see you on the trail!


North Atlantic Classes may be slightly different that the National AHRMA Classes. There are no longer any national events in the regional schedule.
The North Atlantic AHRMA Cross Country Series is using a slightly modified version of the National AHRMA rules. These modifications are a reflection of the ability of the leadership to incorporate region specific classes to generate additional attendance by providing opportunities currently not allowed in the National series. These support classes may be modified based on the level of interest.
Vintage Classes Pre 1975: Skill levels of Novice, Intermediate, Expert
Sportsman 100 Any eligible vintage bike up to 100cc
Vintage 200 Any eligible vintage bike up to 200cc
Vintage Open Any eligible vintage bike above 200cc
+50 Any eligible vintage bike
+60 Any eligible vintage bike
Women Any eligible vintage bike
Post Vintage (bikes originally mfg without disc brakes):
Skill levels of Novice, Intermediate, Expert

Historic 200 88cc-200cc
Historic Open 201cc & larger
Post Vintage 200 88cc-200cc
Post Vintage Open 201cc & larger
Post-Vintage +50 Any eligible PV Bike
Post Vintage +60 Any eligible PV Bike
Women Any eligible PV Bike
Various Support Classes are also available. (bikes with production dates until 1994) Support Class bikes are not eligible to race in the PV age classes.
PV Modern Support: (bikes originally mfg with front disc brakes):
Skill levels of Novice, Intermediate, Expert

PV Modern 200 88cc-200cc
PV Modern Open 201cc & larger

Pre Modern Support: (bikes up to 1994 production)
Skill levels of Novice, Intermediate, Expert

Pre Modern 200 88cc-200cc
Pre Modern Open 201cc & larger


Tracks will range from 3-5 miles in length.
One parade lap for all competitors will be provided.
The race will be scheduled to run one hour plus one lap on the leader, unless track conditions require an earlier finish.
Classes will start in waves or may be consolidated to form suitable waves. There will be a time gap between waves of not less than 15 seconds. If a rider leaves the starting grid in a wave PRIOR to the one he/she is assigned to, there will be an automatic one-lap penalty. There is no penalty for leaving in a LATER wave.
The start will be dead-engine. Kickstart when the flag flies.
If more than one event is run on the same course on the same day, Vintage and Post Vintage classes will be separated.
All cross country events will be scored as a single event even if multiple-day events.
A competitor must pass between all gates created by marking and within 15 feet of any trail marker.
A rider must complete at least one full lap to be scored as a finisher.
Every rider must come to a complete stop each lap at the scoring point until signaled to proceed.
A rider may not enter more than one class in a one-hour race.
A rider who cuts the course will be docked a minimum of one lap.
Riders must be at least 16 years of age to participate. There are special events that may include youth racing. Youth racing will be a separate event. Youth riders will not ride at the same time as adults.


A minimum of 6 finishes in the same class is needed to qualify for end-of-year series awards. The racer must be a member in good standing of AHRMA. The total points for the riders best six races will be added to obtain the total points for the year. In the event of a tie the higher place is awarded to the older rider. An awards banquet will be held in January.


a) Series awards are based on a riders best finishes in five of the total number of events in the series. Year-end scoring ties will be broken by the greatest number of wins, then the most second place finishes, then third places, etc. from the best five finishes. In case of an absolute tie, the older rider wins.

The following points are awarded in each class at each event:
Position Points
1 20
2 16
3 13
4 11
5 10
6 9
7 8
8 7
9 6
10 5

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